A Full Range of Home Inspection Services

John Muller Home Inspection offers comprehensive home inspection services in the Bloomington, Indiana area. Here are at some of the services you can expect from our home inspection professionals.

  • Structural elements, including walls, floors, foundation, and the roof
  • Electrical system, including entry service, main panel, sub panels, wiring, grounding, bonding, switches, and outlets
  • Heating system, including type, size, and condition of central heating unit, distribution system, flue pipe, and controls
  • Cooling system (can only be checked in warm weather), including condition of central blower unit
  • Plumbing, including water, waste, and gas piping, main shutoffs, leaks, water heater, and septic systems
  • Roof, including type, age, and condition of the roofing material, plus flashing and chimneys
  • Exterior, including grading and drainage, walks and driveways, windows and doors, siding, and trim
  • Interior, including kitchen, bathrooms, walls, floors, moisture problems, attic insulation, and ventilation
  • Termites, including a check for infestation, any structural damage from termites, and conditions conducive to infestation in the house and yard

John Muller Home Inspection

After all of the above elements have been thoroughly inspected and evaluated, we will provide you with a customized, 8-page narrative-style report with comments and expert opinions. The report is organized into 18 sections covering all the aspects of the house and includes a Summary, listing the corrections and repairs needed or recommended. Price estimates on many repairs can be provided.

Also included is a separate “Notes & Glossary” section, which offers background information on many of the items covered in the report, helpful maintenance tips, and a glossary of terms.

Please click here to see a full sample inspection report.

If you have any questions or would like to book your home inspection, contact John Muller Home Inspection today at 812-333-2400.